Canine Meadows (Dog Park Review)

Fancy name right?! Canine Meadows is located in York, PA at John C. Rudy County Park. They have a facebook page:

the landscape pic of majority of the 6 acre dog park

the landscape pic of majority of the 6 acre dog park


According to a Dog Fancy article, HERE, Canine Meadows was voted the #20 dog park in the country! Zeke agrees!!! The dog park area consists of 3 separate fenced in areas, 2 acres for small dogs & 2 5.5-6 acre larger parks (I think on a rotating schedule) for larger dogs. It was incredibly big, beautiful, & scenic!

I didn’t notice water fountains but I can’t say for sure there were none. We had bought our own water so I wasn’t looking. There were about 20 dogs there and only one was a little aggressive (with other female dogs only, she got along fine with Zeke.) Some people bought their dogs to the far corners to play frisbee and fetch and others sat and chatted while their dogs played and explored. The park really is big enough for any of these options. There are also hiking and running trails throughout the rest of the county park for further exploration with your pooch. If you live in PA or are passing through this is definitely worth going a little out of your way!

5 out of 5 paws on just about everything!



~ by manicivy on April 27, 2014.

3 Responses to “Canine Meadows (Dog Park Review)”

  1. Wow – I still find it strange that you have dedicated dog parks in the US. Are dogs not allowed in normal parks, or do they just have to stay on the lead? I feel lucky that here dogs can go anywhere, altho I’m also lucky to live near some great woodland & countryside where we can walk for miles with no need for a lead. My dog walking partner has just moved to the US with her dog and she’s finding things really different!

    • Dogs are allowed in most parks here but in the big cities must be on leash. There are plenty of parks that allow off leash dogs or say to keep them leashed but it isn’t enforced. I live in the middle of NYC so off leash with all the traffic isn’t an option.

  2. […] did its job. We will keep searching for that perfect dog park (although the one in Pennsylvania, FOUND HERE, came […]

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