Week Wrap-Up

This week was a very productive one.

Tuesday: 4.25 mile progression canicross run

Wednesday: 3 miles canicross

Thursday: Zeke went to the dog park for an hour & made a new friend Zoe who had a similar energy level & they were inseparable the whole time

Friday: 4 miles canicross ( I was supposed to run commute home but it didn’t happen this week *sad face* )

Saturday: my summer work hours started, meaning I go in later most days now either by 30minutes or an hour. I also picked up some OT so I worked 9-8:30 today, but was able to sneak in a 2 mile run in the morning w/Zeke (no canicrossing since he is lazy in the AM and doesn’t pull!)

Sunday: 5 miles (2.5 to beach dog park & then 2.5 back to the car) Zeke spent a full hour playing at the park too, so he gets today, Monday, off! I don’t though-plan on a few on the treadmill

Tomorrow we are hoping to try a new hiking destination! Reviews and pictures to come…


BTW Zeke’s winter coat is coming out in BAGFULS. Just 10 minutes of furminating and we could have covered at least 2 little dogs!


~ by manicivy on April 7, 2014.

One Response to “Week Wrap-Up”

  1. I wish Sam would play more at the dog park, she is just interested in exploring now. You and Zeke did have a great week. Can’t wait for pictures of the new hike.

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