Running Update

I haven’t given a running-specific update in quite a long time. Where to start…..?

Well my total for this year by the end of March was 100 miles. Zeke did about 85 of those with me. Not as many miles as I would have liked but this winter was so crazy, it really was the best I could do. Two weeks ago Doug’s dad gave us an old, foldable treadmill he wasn’t using! Its a Pro Form model and still works great! Just missed it for use this winter, but I plan on doing shorter, speedwork-type runs on it. I’d love to get faster this year! Of course, I had to see if Zeke would get on it & he did (while it was turned off) no problem. He will go on it when on its lowest speed but only for a few steps before he gets freaked out and jumps off. So we’ll be working on that. Not that I will have him really use it as I’ve read that people treadmills are not good for dogs joints/feet. Does anyone have any specific information on that?

I’ve started run-commuting home once a week, so that will give me my weekly longer run of 7.5miles (+more if I add on a Zeke run to the end of it.) The few times we run in the morning Zeke wears his regular harness & leash. Anytime in late afternoon or night (most of our runs) we still canicross. Lately we have been doing variations of our cemetery run & Zeke has been loving it. The simple change to running the course counter-clockwise has apparently made it much more appealing to him. He is no longer trying to stop and sniff/pee wherever he wants. He is listening on a regular basis! This has been helping our times! We did a nice 4 mile progression run yesterday and an easy but still quick (for us) 3 miler today.

Doug came running with us again last week on the trails! We are skipping this week’s run together since he is getting over a bad bout of food poisoning =P  But prior to that, he had been using the treadmill which he likes more than outdoor running. As long as it means when we do run together outside we can go for longer and longer runs, I’m all for it!

I really plan to bump up the running this month. My year mileage goal is 750, which means I’m going to have to do about 72 miles each month to meet that goal. Yikes! I hope to do about that this month & then maybe a little over in May & June before it gets really hot to give myself a little cushion. Zeke will be joining me on all outdoor runs other than my commute home.

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend; we have either a day of hiking or an overnight camping trip planned depending on the weather.

A question for those that run with their dogs: Do you give any supplements, specifically for joint health, to your dogs? Zeke is due for his annual check at the vet this month and I plan on asking his advice. I’m wondering if for very active dogs/ running dogs if something like a glucosamine chondroitin supplement would be beneficial. Thanks!!!


~ by manicivy on April 2, 2014.

8 Responses to “Running Update”

  1. I’m curious about the glucosamine question as well. I’ve seen it in food, especially for senior dogs, but would definitely put Kobi on it if it’s good for young active dogs as well.

    • We are trying some daily treats with glucosamine for Doug’s family dog- a 15 year old shepherd mix. She can barely do stairs now, I am curious if it will make a difference for her. I’ll post what my vet says about it when we go.

  2. When we moved here to CO, Sam’s skin got really dry (all our skin got dry really). Our old vet who is a friend recommended adding unrefined coconut oil in her food. I read a little about it and it is apparently really good for joints as well. I haven’t noticed any difference in her joints but she didn’t have issues before. It has really helped her skin and she LOVES eating it.

  3. Let us know what you find out at the vet. I’m curious, too. And thanks to Amie for the coconut oil tip.

  4. I’m curious about this as well! I want to bump my mileage up too… We did end up getting that dalmatian from the shelter ( still need to blog about that lol) and she’s crazy for canicross so I’m hoping I can just keep up with these two and not die lol. Are you guys still thinking about getting a 2nd dog?

    • you did get her!!!! how exciting! how is it going! I think for now we’ve decided to stop actively looking for a second. But its not completely ruled out.

      • It’s going good! She had a few accidents in the house but that was expected of course. We had to bring Beta with us to the shelter to meet her as a requirement before adopting her and they were best buddies from the start!!! She is the boss of Beta but in a good way. They play ALL DAY LONG which is nice because I don’t have to be the sole source of entertainment. She is an awesome runner which is so cool (beta is now my slow run/cool down run dog lol) So much to say, I really need to put up a post about it! Lots of changes but all good ones!!! Def glad we have 2 now in many ways…

      • that’s incredible! I read this to my partner Doug hoping it would convince him of a 2nd luck yet. But one day…! Can’t wait to read your posts about your new girl!

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