Week 7 of Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge- Sketch Effects!


had to put the finished product first! It took me a while to figure out the best option with Adobe ImageReady. I ended up doing the Filter; Sketch-Photocopy option. None of the color choice effects came out so clear. This one captured his content facial expression so perfectly!

Here is the original (this was taken on our trip to Vermont last year)


"i'm good on the frisbee guys"

“i’m good on the frisbee guys”

This week’s Snappy H’appy challenge hosted by weliveinaflat & firebonnet

Next week we deal with: Mirroring effects!


~ by manicivy on March 30, 2014.

8 Responses to “Week 7 of Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge- Sketch Effects!”

  1. I like that, I would never think of using Image ready.

  2. You are so right to pick the one that shows off that contented look. (and I love the caption for the shot) It’s interesting how different versions of sketch in apps work for one photo and not another. It’s fun to experiment! Nice job.

  3. I actually have not used ImageReady that much so that’s one program I know little about!! 😛 Zeke looks quite content to lie there as a photocopy though 😛 Haha!

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