The “QueensWay”

Tonight I attended a community workshop for my area of Queens at a local highschool. It was to discuss the possibility of developing a “linear park & cultural greenway” over 3.5 miles of unused, in disrepair, railroad tracks. A major point of the greenway is to connect people in Queens to Forest Park via a bike/walking path instead of having people drive there. Obviously, I am 100% behind this idea. 3.5 miles of car free, scenic, DOG FRIENDLY, running path! They are also talking about inserting everything from dog parks to scenic overlook areas to farmers markets to restrooms to outdoor classroom areas for local schools. The environmental science major in me is doing cartwheels! My group leader, sensing my support & excitement took my info and specifically invited me on a walking tour of the greenway in April. He also mentioned volunteer opportunities!!!

I really hope this idea gets the support it needs to come to fruition. For anyone who is interested here is a link to the website detailing the plans, ideas, etc.

The QueensWay

& a picture of the area involved and some of the abandoned track:



~ by manicivy on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “The “QueensWay””

  1. That sounds REALLY cool!!!!!

  2. That’s exciting! I hope everything works and gets built quickly.

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