I Think We Found Our New Sunday Outing

YAY!!!!! Our new Sunday running/adventure trip was a huge success! We dropped Doug off at work and drove to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. There is a large parking lot, although dogs are not allowed in the refuge itself (too bad, great walking trails, but it is home to many endangered animals so I guess I understand…). So, I decided we would park in the lot, run past a beach town, over the Cross Bay Bridge and down to the dog park. And then back again. My estimate was right and my Garmin told me it was 2.5miles exactly from parking lot to dog park. Doing it this way also saved us $4 each way in tolls if we had driven over. Score!

the beginning of the pedestrian/bicycle path over the bridge

the beginning of the pedestrian/bicycle path over the bridge

Zeke was comfortable with the area, only getting nervous once where there were two little yappy dogs fighting at a playground. When running over the bridge I could tell he was wondering what was out there. The walls of the pedestrian lane are just higher than his head. So, we stopped and I encouraged him to place his feet on the top of the wall to peer through the railings. He sniffed and watched the water for a bit and then seemed content to run on. He must have known (by smell) that our destination was the dog park, because once we were off the bridge he picked up the pace! We stayed for about 40 minutes, until I got way too cold! It was certainly breezy going back over the bridge, we had to take our time since I am still feeling out of shape after this rough winter.  I lugged my nalgene full of water and some extra clothes to bundle in at the dog park in my backpack. Running with my backpack again will take a bit of getting used to also.

5 miles running total. It was a perfect route. It’s very flexible too because we can do so many different things from this parking area. We can run 1.5 miles the other way and be at another rocky beach area. Or we could skip the dog park and go to the actual beach itself. Lots of choices down that way! Before we got back in the car to head home, we sat at some picnic tables and drank lots of water and shared some peanut butter crackers.

snack stop

snack stop


~ by manicivy on March 16, 2014.

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