Reason #97 Why I Love This Dog…

During our evening run around the cemetery, we found ourselves blocked by a family walking on the sidewalk in front of us. The little girl heard Zeke’s jingling and tugged on her mom and they stepped to the right. One of the 2 adults in front of them, also noticed us and moved to the left. We slowed to a fast walk and started to pass through in the hole they made for us. But the large adult, walking just slightly ahead was still blocking us. Zeke pulled up to just behind him, and, with his nose, nudged the man’s hand twice. The man, not sure what was going on, looked down and said “oh! hi boy!” and pat Zeke on the head. Zeke took the pat, looked up at the man and then nudged him once again, in the leg. The man stepped to the side, I said “thankyou & sorry!” and Zeke picked up the pace, surging ahead. It was adorable-Zeke, the ever patient gentledog, telling the man he was in the way of his run. ❤


~ by manicivy on March 15, 2014.

3 Responses to “Reason #97 Why I Love This Dog…”

  1. That’s cute 🙂 I’m glad the man was nice! We’ve met people who would have been startled and unsure/angry if the dog try to sniff them. Mostly, I think because they are unsure if the strange dog is friendly or not.

  2. Cutie! 🙂

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