Word-filled Wednesday

I’m going rogue against Wordless Wednesday & instead will post a word-FILLED one!

Zeke & I finally cracked our 4 mile comfort level run that has been the usual all winter.  We drove to Flushing Meadow Park for something a little different and did a full 5 miles! And, because my back has been hurting, I ditched the canicross gear (since sometimes it slides up & puts pressure on my back-next one I invest in will have leg straps to keep it in place). Zeke ran with his EZwalker harness, backpack, and I had the bungee ruffwear leash buckled around my waist. Zeke is never pull-y at Flushing Meadow because it is so open with multiple, parallel jogging paths. He tends to pull more on narrow & wooded paths. Flushing Meadow is rolling green w/ spread out trees and open skies. He behaved beautifully considering it was our first non-canicross run in months & it was his longest run in a while. It was also the longest run in a backpack. He was definitely tired towards the end-we did it quickly for us also. 5 miles in under 53 minutes! Here is a look:

having a Garmin is great!

having a Garmin is great!

If you see the perfect circle on the map, that is where we ran around the Unisphere!



For the disbelievers, he really is NOT photogenic-it takes about 5 shots every time before I get a good one. Here is how he usually looks in pics…

don't know what this face means. weirdo =P

don’t know what this face means. weirdo =P

We passed by the Queens Zoo, the Museum, a bunch of soccer fields (where a team, I’m pretty sure, kicked a ball at us on purpose, so that when I kicked it back I got a lot of smiles and “look at that cool dog!”) & Citi-field!

Citi-field in the background

Citi-field in the background

It’s funny how you get used to running a certain area and like it, and then go somewhere you haven’t been in weeks & say to yourself, “why haven’t I been running HERE!” It’s nice to rediscover different running routes. After our run we stopped by the dog park for some off leash fetch, which I always try to do after running Zeke on leash. We stopped midway through the run, also, to give him a minute or two of downtime, aka rolling in the snow & playing with a stick. That mental break is important for dogs that run on leash. It’s important for him to be able to sprint and loosen his legs after concentrating on running commands and staying near enough to me without causing me to trip. He always gets a case of the zoomies after a run!




~ by manicivy on March 5, 2014.

5 Responses to “Word-filled Wednesday”

  1. Trust me, with Donna, it’s always quantity for quality when it comes to taking pictures, haha!

  2. I’m so grateful for digital cameras! I take tons of photos of Kobi to get that one good shot, she always sticks her tongue out. I like how Zeke gets the “zoomies” after a run. Kobi does too, I call them “CuCu Charlies”, but I might start using zoomies.

  3. Ooh I like ‘word filled Wednesday!’ Also Sam does the same thing with his lip as in the third photo, tucking his lip up, showing his teeth, its so funny!

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