Stumbled Across this Backpack…

Finally!!! I have been wanting to get a new dog backpack for Zeke. I almost got the mid-price range ruffwear one around Christmas, but found the price went up by about 20$! Plus, since Zeke has learned to pull while running I felt like wearing a full size backpack and his running harness would be a bit of overkill. He can’t run with just the backpack as I don’t think it would stand up to constant pulling. Usually on our 2 mile out and back runs I don’t bring water. The 2 miler to the dog park and longer (4 mile) out and back runs I bring my nathan belt which has two 10oz bottles. Really long runs or hikes I wear my backpack and bring my nalgene with water. This method usually works fine.

But I like to challenge Zeke! And being able to carry more water is always a good thing. Not all of the dog parks we go to have water fountains. Plus, when we first start scootering it will be good for him to have a little extra something to weigh him down a bit. Camping season is coming up, and when we hike he carries his Outward Hound pack. But, basically, I was looking for something a little more minimalist. That wouldn’t hold in his body heat or lay over his pull harness, causing the straps to dig in. Well, i think I found it! And surprisingly, it is a simple, cheap Petco brand pack!

It has the reflective coloring, which I also like. Two large pockets, one mesh pocket, and a zipper lined, poop bag dispenser! The part of the harness, as you can see in the pics, is mesh so it won’t heat him up! And it is lightweight on his back and only covers some of his harness straps. We did a 2 mile practice run and it didn’t impede his movement at all. Even though it wasn’t balanced perfectly ( a small water bottle in one side & my phone and keys in the other) it didn’t slide to one side too much. I bought a size Large and it was actually a little big for Zeke- I ended up zip-tying the bottom strap to tighten it a little. I also loooove that the buckles are enclosed by velcro pockets so they don’t bang against Zeke’s skin. I’ve only used it once, and it’s already covered in mud spatter, but so far so good!


~ by manicivy on February 24, 2014.

One Response to “Stumbled Across this Backpack…”

  1. Ooh looking handsome there Zeke! Good job you waited out for a bargain then 🙂

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