The Beach in February!

Alas, no pictures, at least, not yet. My mom took some with her super old camera so now we must wait for them to be developed. We had SUCH a great time.

My Mom, Zeke and I left about 9:30 and didn’t get home until 12:15. We stopped at a Petco where Zeke was scared to go inside but with encouragement, went in and explored the toy aisle. Then we headed to the dog park by the beach. His hound puppy friend, Walter, was there along with a large black lab and 2 smaller dogs. With all of the snow melt, part of  the park turned into a marsh and the lab’s owner had SOME TIME trying to get her boy out of the water! Zeke happily enough, pranced right on through it-he is really taking to the water now, being patient with his water fear is paying off. 

After playing for a while, we drove the few blocks to the beach and picked a spot next to some jetty rocks. My mom sat while I put Zeke’s 50ft. leash on (just for security, I dropped it so he could run free), poured some water in his bowl, took off my socks & shoes & rolled up my pants, and off we went! We played fetch, we chased each other, we met another dog on a long leash and they played, we practiced recall with salami pieces, we jumped around in the water. In fact, Zeke initiated play in the water all on his own! My jaw dropped to the ground. I threw the ball in a small wave, he went to pick it up, stopped and then just ran in past the small wave up to his chest in ocean water! And started bucking and running around. What a happy day! I was so proud!

After Zeke spent about 10 minutes digging a 2 foot deep, dog body-sized hole in the sand, a hot surfer guy came over and asked me to take his picture. He totally had the surfer accent and posed with his board in the typical surfer/style. Zeke was getting tired so we all sat on the rocks for a while and then hiked it back to the car. It was a beautiful day! It was nice to get my mom out to the beach as she doesn’t get to go too often and loves it. Zeke behaved beautifully and now the plan is to eat and take a nap.


~ by manicivy on February 23, 2014.

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