A Break in the Weather!

It hit 48degrees today! Finally we are having melting! Zeke and I have only been able to run one day a week, on my weekend, when I can go on the local trail a bit. Our normal running routes (around the cemetery, to the dog park, around Juniper park) are not spots too highly traveled nor are they shoveled or cleared by anyone. Finally, today, we were able to run some back streets to Juniper, around the park and back home for just over 3 miles. It was slow going though since crosswalks are still inches of slush. I took some salami pieces in a baggie in my pocket because I knew Zeke would be a little crazy on our first night run in a few weeks. Any time we saw a dog we stopped, I started feeding him salami, and we were able to pass or be passed with minimal jumping. And all this energy is with Doug taking him to the dog park the past 2 mornings! He met some new dogs since he doesn’t usually go at that time. Have to keep him enriched!

We are supposed to keep these warmer temps through the weekend, although rain tomorrow. And then, next week, back to 30s and possible snow!

For those interested in raw feeding, Zeke’s meals this week have been:

2 days of veal breast

the last pound of ground duck (have to go shopping at Armellino’s soon)

chicken hearts

beef kidney & ribs


~ by manicivy on February 20, 2014.

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