We are Participating in the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge!

The Snappy H’appy Challenge is hosted by WeLiveInAFlat & FIREBONNET

The basic idea is that each week, participants are challenged to pick their best photo of the week and then modify it in some way. I chose to join this challenge because I have not been posting as regularly as I would like to. This challenge will help me get back to that. Also, Doug is very into photography and is an expert in editing (he went to art school in San Francisco!) This is a great way to combine our interests, blogging & photo editing and get him a little more involved!

The first week’s challenge was to use Bokeh,  an effect creating little blurs of light. While I did not use an app for this effect, I modified, or I should say, Doug showed me how to modify it, using Adobe ImageReady CS. We outlined the circles of differing sizes, blurred the color within them, and then lightened it. I admit, I used a photo from 2 weeks ago, as I thought of it immediately for this specific challenge. But, I am looking forward to taking pictures each week with this specific challenge in mind! Here is the picture taken with my 3 year old Android phone!

Photo 1:

checking out his dog park domain

checking out his dog park domain


Photo 2 w/Bokeh effect:

Zeke's BokehI was trying to go for a “falling snowflakes of light” look.

Check back for next week’s photo challenge post which will deal with saturation!



~ by manicivy on February 16, 2014.

20 Responses to “We are Participating in the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge!”

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  2. Zeke looks like he is looking at the snow in the sky!

    And I love, LOVE, that you and Doug are doing this together and sharing each other’s interests. I’m quite glad you guys find value in the challenge because I am learning so much from writing the posts myself 😛

    My focus is on HDR, which involves saturation as a topic. But Saturation alone is a good topic to explore as well since not all photos do well in HDR. 🙂 Looking forward to your photos next week!

    Thanks for joining. Seeya!

    • Hiya Gretchen! I’ve just created a board for this challenge on Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/weliveinaflat/photo-challenge-with-apps/

      For challengers whose blogs enable pinterest sharing, I assume that I will be able to add your photos to the board, with your permission. If you would not like your photos shared on Pinterest, please do reply to this comment and let me know 😉

      If you are active on Pinterest and would like to contribute to the board, let me know your Pinterest email and I will add you. Thanks!!

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  4. It’s great to be sharing this challenge! I always enjoy when my hubby gets involved with one of my posts, it makes it so much fun. You guys did a great job creating the bokeh. I’m looking forward to seeing what we all do with this next challenge, HDR.

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  6. […] (Firebonnet) and also Melinda (1stWorldDog), Christy (Sassmuffins), CompletelyDisappear, Gretchen (Zeke’s Adventures), Meg (Little Dogs Laughed), Blogagaini and Mary […]

  7. […] (Firebonnet) and also Melinda (1stWorldDog), Christy (Sassmuffins), CompletelyDisappear, Gretchen (Zeke’s Adventures), Meg (Little Dogs Laughed), Blogagaini and Mary […]

  8. Neat how you created the bokeh effect in Adobe ImageReady. So much I still have to learn! the nice thing about this, versus using bokeh in the apps, is that you have such precise control over where the bokeh is placed. Looks like Zeke has found some REALLY big snowflakes!!

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  12. […] Snappy H’appy crew:  Melinda (1stWorldDog), Christy (Sassmuffins), CompletelyDisappear, Gretchen (Zeke’s Adventures), Meg (Little Dogs Laughed), Blogagaini and Mary […]

  13. […] Adventures [week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 […]

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