Bitter Cold, Ice, and Snow, oh my!

Last week was a busy week! Work was hard, being outside in the “polar vortex” temps and getting 10ish inches of snow. Zeke and I are not complaining about the snow though! We went two nights in a row to the local playground for some evening off leash fetch. He behaved wonderfully and we stayed about an hour both nights. Prior to the snow we got some good, if short, runs in. By Thursday it was too icy to run anywhere so Zeke donned his backpack with a can of beans on either side and we trekked the 2 miles to the dog park. Ever since then we have spent at least an hour a day at one of our 3 closest dog parks playing in the snow! I definitely wanted to make the most of it, which was  a good thing because today most of the snow finally melted, as it actually went into the upper 30s! Tomorrow we are back to a high of 17.

Which may be good, because I think Zeke needs a bit of a break. His rear, left leg seemed a little stiff today at the beach dog park. It didn’t stop him from playing with a new best friend, but I’ve decided he is getting 2 days of “bed” rest starting tomorrow. Only some long walks and indoor training. We head down to Virginia next week so he’s got to be feeling his best for all of the vacation excitement.

His new best friend looked almost exactly like him, a shepherd/husky/pit mix. They were practically body doubles except, Sinatra, as he was called, had a slightly more pit face and 2 blue eyes instead of 1! Here are some pics from the week. How is everyone handling this cold?!


~ by manicivy on January 27, 2014.

One Response to “Bitter Cold, Ice, and Snow, oh my!”

  1. We’re in the UK, and keep getting told the snow is coming but I haven’t seen it yet! I have been getting soaked at work though, there has been some flooding here, not affecting us, but other parts! Brrr!

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