Finding Joy in Running

I am finally reading “Born to Run”. It is the every runners’ bible. I’ve always known about it but never got around to reading it. It is amazing & I am only about halfway through. Talk about inspiring, motivating, life changing. It sort of encompasses all of the reasons I love running with Zeke. He truly loves to run, he loves to be outside and moving and exploring. The weather doesn’t matter, his gear doesn’t matter, whatever life worries he may have don’t enter into his head while running. He runs for joy. He runs for the sake of running. He runs fast, he stops, he lopes, he chases a squirrel. It doesn’t have to always be about miles and paces and gels and PRs. Our best runs together are always the unplanned or untimed ones. The ones where I say let’s just go out and have fun.

Today I had a mileage goal but my garmin didn’t pick up gps until halfway through our run so I didn’t even bother keeping it on. I know we were flying though! It felt great, we did the full trail loop FINALLY. There were a lot of runners and walkers out and it felt pretty safe. We hopped over downed trees, Zeke explored the lake ice (just a little), we went to the dog park, we did a nice slow jog home. To show you how “urban” our urban canicrossing is, here is a video of the pedestrian bridge we run over to get to the park.

I am so grateful Zeke is just about bulletproof with traffic noises. Here’s to a fun run, the first in a week due to bad weather & schedule changes. I already feel the moodiness and anxiety wafting off of me. And, Zeke, of course is already deeply asleep at my feet.


~ by manicivy on January 12, 2014.

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