Snow Time Adventures

We’ve been getting out in the snow as much as possible. Too icy for runs but frequent walks on a long leash with a ball have become the new favorite. We finally were able to dig the car out this morning and get Zeke to the dog park for an hour where he bounded around in true sled dog form. He has invented his own game with his ball. He takes it to an untouched or deep snow area, drops it, pounces on it, pushes it deep down with his front paws, alerts us that he can’t find it, and proceeds to dig, jump & stuff his face in the snow until he finds it & it starts all over again. It reminds me of the foxes that hunt for mice under the snow but jumping straight up in the air and diving down nose first to catch the mouse. Very amusing to watch.

Here he is trying to find that ball he hid:


Here is Zeke posing on a plow pile:


Today we are having freezing rain which has made every surface an ice rink. Temps are not climbing as high as predicted. I’m hoping most of the snow will melt before Tuesday when we are dipping down to teens & single digits again. Zeke’s appetite has been ravenous and his energy level is off the wall. Luckily he is loving being outside on his tether even when its only 20 degrees out! He lays in the snow gnawing on his ball. I’ve been giving him a puzzle feeder toy stuffed w/kibble & treats every morning in addition to his usual amounts of food. We are keeping up with 10 minutes of training every night w/some of his dinner food & I’ve switched him to eating in the kitchen where clean up is much easier! We are planning another food run tomorrow as our freezer supply is getting low.

We also took him on a 2 mile roundtrip walk to a shopping strip & while Doug picked up food, we waited outside. Zeke held a nice sit while dozens of people passed and pet him and asked questions about him. I could tell he was a little skittish but he behaved well and accepted treats which is an improvement from the last time we did this where he sat still but would not take treats. I’m so glad he was more relaxed this time.



~ by manicivy on January 5, 2014.

6 Responses to “Snow Time Adventures”

  1. Reggie does a version of this game in the house…when I make the bed he rushes in and buries a toy in the blankets on the floor and then frantically tries to find it listening for the squeaks! I had no idea it was a wolf thing that’s so interesting!

  2. I adm

    • Oops. I meant to say I admire how much time you spend together! And how you find activity even in this weather. Is -18 degrees here in Ohio and it’s been hard to get my pup Yoddha out in this bitter cold but you’ve inspired me to try harder. Even indoors.

      • thanks! -18 would be pretty tough to do anything in! I love the name Yoddha, how old is he?

      • He just turned 2! Yoddha because I love Yoda from Star Wars and also when I looked into it …also means “young warrior” with that crazy spelling. lol Zeke is cool also! Sounds fierce but kind-hearted.

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