A Little Snow-time Agility

It’s SNOWING!!! finally! I applied mushers wax to Zeke’s paws for the first time. It seemed to do the trick. We started running before the snow started and there was a lot of salt on the roads. His back paws are usually sensitive to the salt and they were absolutely fine this time. We did 2 miles to the park & then some agility practice. Fast forward 4 hours later (to now) & we have about 3 inches so I HAD to take Zeke out again for some snow-time fetch!

Enjoy the video-this is the first time I had Zeke do the whole “course” in one shot, usually I split it into sections. Doug had to use the flash since it was so dark, but that made it a little too light- that last jump is through a hanging tire! Happy to see my jacket reflectors work so well. The snow made Zeke extra excited. I need to enroll him in agility, its so expensive around here though!


~ by manicivy on January 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “A Little Snow-time Agility”

  1. So happy Zeke liked the musher’s wax! You need a happy winter running dog!

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