After 2 weeks off, We Ran!!!

Finally! I was getting a little worried I was over running (after my half-marathon) and would never start up again. Thanks to Zeke and his winter crazies though, I finally got off my butt last night and harnessed him up and off we went! I also got to test out my brand new, very first ever GARMIN!!!! I HAD to start running again now that I have THAT!

Zeke and I did a fun, happy, nonchalant 2 miles last night. It felt really good. He behaved beautifully which I know he does when he is really enjoying his run. When I got his harness out of the closet he jumped, spun, yodeled, and ran next to the bed (his spot for me to put it on!)

This morning Doug dropped us at the park on his way to work, we did a quick .5 mile run to the dog run, where, again, there were NO dogs!!! It was 60degrees out! Where IS everybody?! Ten minutes later, a chatty old man with an old dog named Pumpkin, who wanted nothing to do with Zeke, arrived & talked on and on for about 30minutes. Then we left to run 2 miles home. I was sweating-it was over 60 in the sun and soooo humid. But I think the crazy has left Zeke, do you agree?

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~ by manicivy on December 22, 2013.

11 Responses to “After 2 weeks off, We Ran!!!”

  1. Haha he is a beautiful looking dog! I have a german shepherd/Great dane cross who’s sounds just as hyper XD

  2. A garmin is exciting! I love my gps watch. I bet Zeke loves running again.

  3. SO GLAD you didn’t drop running … for BOTH of your sakes! I remember hitting those ‘walls’ in my running years and you just have to remember one of the basic rules of training (that I always reminded you of): consistency.

    • (= I’ll keep at it. I want to run home from work more and more so maybe one day I can get home faster (or at least the same time) as taking the train & bus & save myself the money!

  4. Hahahaha I love his post run glow! Beta is the same way, I definitely would have skipped more than a few runs already if it weren’t for his excitement whenever I so much as walk past the closet with all our canicross gear! We are nowhere near 60 degrees over here! I’m so jealous! No snow yet but tons of wind and rain that makes me really unmotivated to run.

    What garmin did you get!?

    • The temperature is dropping down to 30s tomorrow! It was a freak thing. I hate running in the wind!
      My dad gave me the garmin forerunner 10 as a gift. He even got me orange (not knowing my sneakers are also orange!) Its so easy to use.
      I really don’t know if I would have ran again if not for Zeke. My only life running goal was to finish a half-marathon…so, technically, I’m done! But I would like to get faster… We’ll definitely keep at it (;

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