Zeke has the Winter Crazies…

& not in a good way! I can’t wait for this weekend, the weather is supposed to warm up and this nice layer of ice over everything should melt. I can pick up my running with Zeke again. He needs it!!! It has been way too icy to run with him. We are trying to take him to the dog park more often but there are never other dogs there for him to play with! Don’t people realize winter is the time when dogs love to get out there and play the most?! He needs some play buddies asap. Walking is not cutting it. Even extra indoor play and training sessions are not tiring him out. Wish we had a yard…instead, tomorrow night we are off to the dog park in the dark and I plan on staying there for at least an hour! It’s been icy there too, so here is a great trick to tire out your dog without making you run around with him…

If you have two people, have each one stand on the furthest, opposite side of the dog park (with treats!) Practice calling your dog back and forth-they will run full speed for treats! Great recall practice too. Or, if you are alone, have your dog in a sit/stay or sit/wait, you walk slowly and safely to the other side & then call your dog! And, of course, burying treats in a snow pile and making your dog dig them out works too. I love snow, but I hate when everything is covered in a sheen of ice. If only I had 4 legs with furry feet and rubbery paw pads! hmph!


~ by manicivy on December 18, 2013.

5 Responses to “Zeke has the Winter Crazies…”

  1. I can’t remember, have you tried ice spikes or YakTrax? I can run on some pretty slick stuff in them (YakTrax are more affordable). I would have lost MY mind last winter without them.

    • I haven’t tried running in them, we use them at work to get around though. If there were more trails around I would probably use them )= But since I run on mostly road or sidewalk with Zeke attached, I’m more worried if Zeke lunges at a squirrel or cat, I would go flying on black ice (; I love canicrossing, but it has made him incredibly strong!

  2. I second vttrailgirl, yaktraks are amazing. Although they are terrible if you are on a sidewalk without ice and snow, the have the opposite effect so make sure you are on dirt trails or have a good covering of ice and snow. be safe out there.

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