A Good Romp in the Snow

We finally got some snow yesterday- about 4 inches in Queens by 7pm. I took Zeke to the local playground geared up with 23 feet of leash, some treats, and a squeaky Kong ball. He was well behaved so I let go of the leash for some fetch. He had a blast running around in the snow. A group of young kids approached us so I picked up the leash since some kids can make Zeke nervous. These were that kind-very loud, playful, not scared of dogs at all-type of kids.

Luckily, they were more or less respectful and asked if they could pet him and play with him. This turned into them chasing him & screeching (in fun), luckily Zeke was too playful to get nervous and he chased them back and let a few of them pet him & he sat when one kid asked him to. The one boy of the group was screaming at him to “do tricks” so I explained how screaming will only scare him, that you have to ask him nicely & I showed him how. He seemed open to the idea. Then, little boy’s Dad, who lived across the street from the playground, opened his house door and SCREAMED (so that’s where he gets from!!) for little Billy to get home, RIGHT NOW! Little Billy screamed back that he was on his way and all of the little kids started playing with Zeke again. haha. Dad screamed a few more times, now one of the little girls’ parents was screaming from the OTHER side of the playground for little Madeleine to get home. I said goodbye to the kids and moved Zeke into the adjacent public school yard. Just in time, both sets of parents trudged out in the snow to get their kids & they were not happy!

Zeke resumed playing ball with me and running around, and constantly working on our recall. Another smaller child (4 years old?) and his Dad passed right by- The Dad and I froze because Zeke took off running after the oblivious child running toward the playground. The little kid was so bundled he never Zeke coming at him. I had the leash in my hand but the child was within its twenty feet length & I was powerless to stop Zeke’s run. The tiny child stopped running and bent to pick at the snow-Zeke slammed on the breaks, and, just, sniffed the kid. He didn’t jump on him-phew! Then Zeke turned to me and stared & I said good boy, come! And he bounded over. Close call! The Dad smiled and I waved. I think all the practice with my nephew, JJ, has helped Zeke learn to not jump on tiny children!

Unfortunately no pictures-it was too dark out, snow was still falling and my phone was dying. And, of course, late in the night it all turned to rain and today we are only left with several inches of slush. Zeke and I are anxiously awaiting the next snowfall!


~ by manicivy on December 15, 2013.

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