A Better Day Today

Finally, things are looking up. Zeke and I just got back from an amazing 5 mile evening run. The last two times I took him out for a run his behavior was less than stellar. I know why-they were morning loop runs (how boring!) and due to me having some back pain I opted not to wear the canicross gear since sometimes Zeke pulls at it so much it can affect my back. He has gotten sooo strong from canicrossing so consistently the past few months. Instead, he wore his harness and Ruffwear bungee leash. With the pulling element taken out of the run his concentration tended to wander and he threw a few hissy fits when he saw we were running loops instead of heading to the dog park. =P  It was nice to see that him being back in his canicross gear and running at night, got him “back in the game!” He ran beautifully- responsive, slight tension on the leash, and he greeted several dogs fairly calmly. He even passed a few by with a “leave it” and some clucking noises.

The run was good for me too as I had lost some of my confidence before my approaching race this Sunday. This past week saw yet another death of someone close to us, killed by a drunk driver. That news, my back pain and a cold over these past 10 days; I’ve only gotten out on about 3 runs of 4 miles each and none felt good. Seeing Zeke running joyfully in front of me again & feeling stronger at each passing mile has made me start to look forward to my race instead of dreading it. We will do one more very easy run tomorrow and then it is dog park trips for awhile since I plan on taking at least a week off of running after my race.

Wish me luck!!!

and a special thank you to my 2 newest followers:



Hope you don’t mind the shout out- They have put me over 100 followers! My last blogging goal is now complete for this year. Thank you!


~ by manicivy on December 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “A Better Day Today”

  1. So sorry for your loss. Running gets tough when life throws so many thing at you. You will be great in the half!

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Isn’t it amazing how our doggies keep us moving forward despite ourselves?
    All my best,

  3. Sorry for loss :(… About your back pain, I was having the same problem and it was because of the belt I was using (it was just a simple one that went around my waste). The problem was it kept riding up as Beta pulled and was putting lots of stress on my lower back. I got a belt with leg straps and haven’t had any pain since. I’m doing a blog post on it but you should look into something like that as it really helps!

    • ahhh…I have an old injury that I feel sometimes in the cold. I did put my canicross belt lower on my hips and that helped-I did not even think to look into the leg straps one but I will that is great advice! thank you

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