Knucklebone enrichment!

Got this huge knucklebone at Armellinos for Zeke-only $3! I’m sure it will provide hours & days of fun-totally worth it! Knucklebones are great enrichment for zoo animals too, we give them to the bears and cats! Zeke spent 30 mins today gnawing on it and he didn’t even get all of the meat off much less to the marrow yet. Great, natural way to help clean his teeth.


~ by manicivy on November 24, 2013.

6 Responses to “Knucklebone enrichment!”

  1. Sam is a big fan of any type of marrow bone. She loves visiting the beef vendor at the farmer’s market for them.

    • oh wow that must be a fun market trip! I forget if I’ve asked you or not, do you feed Sam raw?

      • Sam gets a little bit of everything, raw, cooked (not spiced), dog food. She loves turkey necks. The only thing she doesn’t get is raw pork, that makes me a little nervous. Does Zeke get pork?

      • Something else they share in common! Zeke gets a little of everything too although majority raw. He does get pork, I was concerned too but our vet assured me it is safe. I freeze it for at least 3 days before giving it to him though.

  2. I was okay until I saw that stringy thing coming out of the side. I’ve quite the weak gag reflex. Pierre would have to eat that outside. 🙂

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