West Hills County Park & Armellino’s!

Today, Doug, Zeke, and I took a day trip to Melville, Long Island to go to West Hills County Park. (I wrote a review for this park back in April HERE).

We spent about an hour at the dog park which is very large, 2 + acres. There were only about 6 dogs but they were all runners so Zeke was pretty tired after an hour. We took a 20 minute walk on the bridal trails located behind the dog park.

2013-11-18 13.30.00 2013-11-18 13.30.25

We checked ourselves and Zeke over really well afterwards, since Doug found a tick on his pant leg. It was warm today-in the 60s!

Then, on the way back to the car, we stopped at the little playground and did some agility/enrichment walking. Zeke LOVES climbing on playgrounds. Usually I take him to the local playground if its a rainy day and there are no children around. Great way to expend a little extra energy & have some excitement on a shorter walk day.


As always, West Hills County Park didn’t disappoint. And we ended it with a quick side trip to

The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. They have great prices! I got 20lbs of ground duck, 15 lbs of turkey & 15lbs of beef (all in 5lb logs) for $70! And, only $3 for a raw knucklebone only slightly smaller than the size of my head. Amazing- I highly recommend anyone in the NYC area that feeds raw to support this wonderful local business. All meats are antibiotic/hormone free & ground on site.




~ by manicivy on November 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “West Hills County Park & Armellino’s!”

  1. Who knew there were these great trails around the city!

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