Trails, Liquor Stores, & Lamb Rib

Today’s post is a bit of randomness.

Zeke and I have been doing lots of running. Last week I had my most runningest week with 25 miles! Zeke joined me for 18 of them. On Thursday I ran home from work, picked him up and we continued on to the dog park. Unfortunately, the dog he doesn’t really like, an 8 month old, intact, shepherd puppy with his dumb owner, were there. I’m sorry to call her dumb, but she kind of is. She has no verbal control over him. She chastises Zeke when Zeke barks/snaps at her dog for his mounting attempts. I tried to explain it to her and she said Zeke is scaring her dog by barking at him. Well, lady, guess what? DOGS BARK. Especially shepherds!!! If your dog can’t hang, take him home or get him neutered. She then stepped on a rock her dog was trying to play with. She was too scared to grab it from him-I saw her try and her dog, Thor, growled and backed up so she stopped. She stepped on it & when her dog, guess what, started barking,whining and pawing at her!!!!!!!!, she picked it up and threw it for him to fetch. UGH. stupidity. Luckily they left first so Zeke and I played chase for a little while. Then we ran the last .5 mile to Doug’s job to meet him for the ride home.

Sometimes Zeke gets nervous waiting for Doug outside the liquor store. Jamaica Avenue is a VERY busy, congested street. Lots of cars, lots of people, and an overhead train runs along the avenue. Not to mention food carts and those scary smells. But that night he was wonderfully behaved. He let numerous people pet him, including some very drunk locals, small children, & of course, ALL of Doug’s coworkers came out to say hi. Zeke laid down on this grate all on his own, I think it was warm on his belly.

sphinx pose

sphinx pose

Today we did 3.5 miles, part trail, part park roads. Unfortunately they still have not caught the creep that is attacking women on the trails of the park near me. I have almost completely stopped going there since the guy has struck at different times and on different days-sometimes mid-day. He is apparently not afraid of dogs either since he approached a woman running with her dog last year, luckily that woman screamed and got away. I only take Zeke on weekends on 2 separate quarter mile stretches where you can see the park road through the trees. I do not feel safe enough to do the complete 2 mile loop yet. I was happy to see the police presence is continuing though. Not only were cars at the entrance to the park, but mounted police were gearing up to ride the trails around noon. Yay!!! It is a shame as Forest Park is beautiful and only one of 2 parks with dirt trails in Queens open to runners/dogs. There is a short steep hill on the trails right alongside the road, so Zeke did hill repeat training with me. The concept was lost on him at first. He didn’t seem to get why we would race hard up the hill, walk down the other side and then race back up, over & over & over….But the last 2 repeats he got it and pulled me up full force! Thus sort of doing my work for me…all well! It was fun anyway!

taking a breather on the trail

taking a breather on the trail

Back to the dog park in some drizzle-only one small dog that didn’t want to play so we didn’t stay long.

pretty colors

pretty colors

When we get home our routine is for Zeke to sleep & me to shower, eat, & then nap or watch football. But THIS seems to keep happening:

trying to watch football & he does this...

trying to watch football & he does this…I can’t see the scores!

Dinner was breast of lamb.

Now, after a quick walk, the deep sleep commences & tomorrow we go out & do it all again, or, at least, something similarly adventurous!




~ by manicivy on November 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Trails, Liquor Stores, & Lamb Rib”

  1. I love the sphinx post and Zeke has just the right eyes for it!… We used to walk along this barricaded narrow path around the construction site in front of our flat… even at night but recently we heard there was a snatch theft incident there. There’s nowhere to run on that narrow bath since it’s walled walled in on both sides, so Donna and I had to take another route. It doesn’t really matter the severity of the crime, just the fact that some crime took place makes people uneasy about it.

  2. That looks like a good dinner!

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