Week Recap & Dog Gaits

I’m back on the internet! I didn’t mean to take a break from most computer related things but after 2 days of it I decided to go the whole work week with no internet-no checking email, blogs, facebooking or even reading news online. I admit, I enjoyed it. I got to bed on time every night, did some reading- a paper book, not on my kindle! and listened to the radio! It was very nice, although I am having fun now catching up reading everyones blog posts….

Last Sunday I did my longest run to date, just shy of 13.5miles. I ran to the foot of the Queensborough bridge on marathon sunday and watched the elite men run by! Then I ran home, picked up Zeke and we ran to the dog park. Unfortunately he had one of his skittish episodes and kept pacing the fence and wasn’t playing with other dogs so we left. I didn’t try to figure it out since that drives me crazy so we walked/jogged home an additional 2 miles (to my 13.5 total). Once home he acted completely normal again.

During the week we did 2 nights of 4 mile runs together. 2 other nights he went to the dog park-one of which we met another girl my age, with a dog very similar to Zeke in energy level who also runs with her dog. The other night, Zeke again got nervous & this was at a different dog park. But he was still semi-attentive and would play fetch in short spurts and then resume his obsessive sniffing. It is interesting because he has not been nervous at all on our evening runs or walks and is now, instead, getting nervous at the dog park! Although, the night he got nervous, he had no dog friends to play with and there was an intact male pit bull pacing the fence of the adjacent dog run.

This morning I set out to do about 6 miles with Zeke and hoped to continue on to 10 by myself. Well, Zeke was doing so well with no nervousness despite a .5mile new addition to our route that I kept him with me and we ended up doing 8 miles! Zeke’s longest run since spring. We also did a dog park stop for about 15 minutes.

With all this exercise and the cooler weather Zeke has been ravenous! He has been “chatting” with me while I get his dinner ready. He has gone from his 1- 1.33lb summer dinners to 1.5lb minimum, sometimes 2lbs of meat a night! We are going to restock the freezer tomorrow as we are down to our last 2 days of food.

Something interesting I’ve noticed with Zeke’s running gait… Our average mile running time over these past few weeks has increased by a full minute. Now that Zeke and I running more we are getting faster. In the past I mostly had my slow run and my fast run paces. Now I can adjust my pace in all sorts of ways! In the past, Zeke would do the typical dog trot when we ran together.

the trot



a little blurry, but Zeke doing the trot

a little blurry, but Zeke doing the trot


Now, I am noticing at times, usually at the beginning and end of our run or when we resume running after stopping he is using a different gait, which according to THIS ARTICLE, is called the Pace.

the pace

He also uses this pace when he is pulling hard on the canicross line. Have any other runners that run with their dogs on leash or other canicrossers noticed this usage of different paces? Of course when we are sprinting Zeke uses the slow gallop or lope. The article also mentions “crabbing” when dogs swing their body slightly diagonally to avoid their back feet from hitting their front feet. Zeke does this also when the bungee line slackens. They mention crabbing as being used by short-bodied dogs with long legs, which I find interesting that Zeke uses it because he is longer than he is tall! I guess it works for the opposite build as well.

I term this: the pounce! Very proud of those big muscles!

the pounce

the pounce



~ by manicivy on November 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Week Recap & Dog Gaits”

  1. Way to go Zeke!
    Congrats on your longest run. You’re doing great!

  2. […] little while ago I read a post by fellow blogger Zeke’s Adventures regarding canine gait (read here). I have been fairly obsessed with this concept ever since and had to explore it […]

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