Zeke ran free at the beach!!!

Doug and I took Zeke to the beach area dog run again. It seems to be our new Monday thing. It’s been sunny and warm enough where we only need a hoodie to stay warm. We want to take advantage of the good weather while we can. Zeke ran around with a few dogs and played fetch with us for about 45 mins. We walked the four blocks or so to the beach and snapped on Zeke’s 50foot lead. He was being super responsive-even turning on a dime at our calling him when 2 little dogs ran by within 6 feet when we first got on the sand. We walked down close to the water (low tide, yay!) I took off my shoes, hiked up my pants and ran into the water calling Zeke behind me-he followed!!! No hesitation at the waves-just bounded right in. I was so proud! Doug was surprised at the difference! That one day when I took Zeke by myself to run along the beach really showed Zeke how fun the water can be. 

I started playing fetch with him & typical Zeke loves to alternate who we brings the ball back to so he went to bring it to Doug who was about 70feet away, so I dropped the leash. I yelled out to Doug so he would know. I also was armed with plenty of treats in my pocket. But we never even needed to use them. We saw a young Boxer approaching on leash with an older lady. I asked Zeke to sit and picked up the leash with no tension. She called out and asked if Zeke was friendly and when I assured her he was she let her dog go & I let Zeke go! It was beautiful!They ran around us in big circles so carefree. The boxer was a 16mo. old female named Lexi. She reminded me of Zeke at that age-boundless energy and lots of jumping. The played for a long time but then Zeke actually got a little tired and kept standing by Doug and me. So the sweet lady and little Lexi headed on down the sand. We left Zeke loose for a while more and didn’t have to leash him until we got to the boardwalk. I know I can never trust Zeke on narrow trails-too many smells and small animals to chase but I’m glad he is able to run free at dog parks, in certain valleys at campgrounds, and now at the beach.

For my running friends: I am really making breakthroughs with my running! This month is my 3rd month in a row of 60+ miles, I’m on track to be 75-80 miles this month! This past Saturday I did a long run of 10.2 miles in 1:49 which is a record for me & it felt amazingly easy. From miles 3-8 I actually felt as though I were sitting on the couch and not outside running-it was surreal. During this run, I beat my 10k race time (from back in June) by 3 minutes! I am definitely feeling ready for my half-marathon in December.


~ by manicivy on October 28, 2013.

2 Responses to “Zeke ran free at the beach!!!”

  1. Yey! What a great 10.2 mile run. You will be great in your half!

  2. Hooray to you & Zeke. Aggie lives to run free.

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