Day 2 of the Urban Canicross Series- Flushing to Kissena

Day 2 completed! Today’s section of the Greenway spanned Flushing Meadow Park into Kissena Park. I had originally wanted to continue from Kissena to Cunningham but Doug had work and was unavailable for a car pick up at the end of the route. Which means wherever I went would have to be an out & back from where I parked the car. Flushing to Kissena to Cunningham would have been somewhere over 10 miles & Zeke is not up to that yet. As it was, we did 6 miles total of running, but at a much faster pace than we are used to, and he is pretty beat. That is why we took yesterday off as well; Zeke was a little lethargic and had some tummy troubles (I’ll spare the details) so our longer runs will have to be every other day. I also don’t like running Zeke on the pavement more than 3 miles a day for consecutive days. I plan on continuing the canicross series tomorrow, but I think we will stick to speed walking and pick up with the run on Saturday.

On with the adventure! I parked the car at the Underbridge Dog Run where we left off on Tuesday. I let Zeke in the park to do his business quickly as there were no other dogs there yet. Then we set off across the pedestrian bridge, over the Grand Central.

pedestrian bridge

pedestrian bridge

We turned left onto Meadow Drive which is the wider path around the lake.

greenway sign along Meadow Drive

greenway sign along Meadow Drive (thats the Grand Central on your left!)

Follow Meadow Drive & the Greenway signs to Meadow Promenade and Perimeter Road:

sign on Perimeter Road

sign on Perimeter Road

Continue following signs and then veer left at the Greenway crossroads (right for bikes, left for pedestrians) & cross College Pt. Blvd. over another pedestrian bridge that leaves you (literally) smack up against a wrought iron fence of the Queens Botanical Garden.

pedestrian bridge over Cross Country Pkwy

pedestrian bridge over Cross Country Pkwy

It was here that I found it difficult to pick up the signs. It looks like this entrance isn’t usually open & dogs are not allowed in anyway. The sign in front of the fence was the last I saw for awhile. I decided to follow the perimeter of the Garden and hope to pick up the path again.

I found it! Kissena park corridor

I found it! Kissena park corridor

I followed the sign which pointed left and came across some ball fields. And, then, promptly lost the signs again. Hey, Parks Department-you need more signage over there!!!! So, again, we followed the perimeter of the corridor which I knew would eventually lead to Kissena park itself.

where is the corridor greenway sign?

where are the corridor greenway signs?


And, then, literally out of nowhere!…

stumbled across Kissena park!

stumbled across Kissena park!

Met a few dogs along the lake that Zeke said hello to.

Kissena lake

Kissena lake

The pathway is extremely well marked in the park itself.

Greenway thru the park

Greenway thru the park, note the GREEN walking lane markers

We drank some water & rested for a few minutes & turned back around. It was easier to find the signs heading back the other way and I stayed on course the whole time.

Citi Field in the distance & Parks Dept. headquarters on the right.

Citi Field in the distance & Parks Dept. headquarters on the right.


Me & Zeke!

Me & Zeke!

I gave him about 10 minutes at the dog park to play, but honestly, he was so tired we wrapped it up quick and drove on home.

Total distance: 6.5 miles (ran 6 miles)

Total time: 1 hour & 20 minutes (total running time 58 minutes)

I enjoyed this run because it is almost exclusively “in park” running with only 1 completely residential block and a few blocks along the outside of the Garden/park. More signage is needed in the Kissena Park Corridor area. Bathrooms and water fountains are easy to come by-I made use of both of them! There is no fenced dog park at Kissena Park but a local told me one of the ball fields is fenced with only one main entrance and they use that as a dog park. There is also an off-leash area on one of the lawns. Birding is also a hobby you can do by the lake, we saw a few different species of duck & a swan!

Hope you enjoyed today’s outing! We will canicross/walk a section of the Greenway tomorrow-check back to see which part!









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3 Responses to “Day 2 of the Urban Canicross Series- Flushing to Kissena”

  1. I love seeing so much of Flushing. I grew up in Manhattan and I spent so little time in this part of the city. Pretty cool. Thanks!

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