Join Zeke & I for our “Urban Canicross Series”

What exactly is our “Urban Canicross Series”? 

-This week I plan to (mostly) run the Queens section of the NYC Brooklyn/Queens Greenway.

For maps and info of the Greenway check this site out:   Brooklyn/Queens Greenway Guide

The Greenway is a walking/running/biking pathway connecting the different parks throughout Brooklyn & Queens. It is mostly through park pathways but sometimes requires traveling on roads to get from one park to the next.

Why are we doing this?

-This is a very involved question with many different reasons. I’ll list them here

  1. Zeke is a high-energy dog. He is a mix of 3 of the oldest breeds of dog, Husky, malamute, & basenji. Add in an intelligent, driven, working dog, the German Shepherd & you have an incredibly active, smart, tireless dog. We live in NYC. In a studio-type apartment. No yard. No immediately true safe areas to let him off leash. Cars, sounds, people, dogs, endless smells all packed in around us. At first glance it’s not a good combination. What I mean to do by completing our Urban Canicross Series, is to show people that despite living in the city, you CAN own a high-energy dog successfully IF you are prepared to put in the time and effort. Sure, lots of people own huskies in the city. Too many of them and other high-energy dogs are overweight. They are destructive, anti-social, & overall unhappy. There are dogs on my block that never leave their house except to a tiny yard or a walk around the block. Zeke was kept inside 24/7 by his previous family, peeing and pooping on dog wee-wee pads in the kitchen. Some people can make it work, but too many people can’t. The majority of dogs in shelters are large, adolescent dogs w/bundles of energy. They would benefit if more dog owners took up Urban Canicrossing. Which leads me to…
  2. Too many people are overweight! Get healthy WITH your dog. It’s why I started running. I was always in shape-I was a walker, I didn’t own a car until last year at age 29! But when I got Zeke, it wasn’t enough for him. Even taking him to the dog park for an hour 4/5 times a week wasn’t enough. And, if you don’t have a car & there is no dog park near you, that option is out. So we started running. Even when I don’t feel like running, Zeke does-he NEEDS it. If you are a true animal lover and REALLY care about your dog, you will make the effort to get him the exercise he needs and that will help you to be more consistent in your own exercise. If everyone who owns a dog took them for a mile walk every day, what a different place the world would be!
  3. to spread the idea of Urban Canicrossing. The sport of Canicross is popular in the UK and some South American countries. There are a few canicross races here in the US, in Maine & skijoring is gaining popularity in Alaska. But canicross doesn’t just have to be for people in rural areas. If you properly train your dog to follow basic commands it is very possible to do on the busy streets of NYC. It is even possible if your dog is dog aggressive or people aggressive or even skittish. Learn different routes, learn your dogs threshold for triggers and plan accordingly. Zeke is skittish in residential areas, but we can still canicross at parks, around cemeteries, or commercial streets. Flushing meadow park is great if your dog is dog aggressive because the area is wide w/multiple parallel paths giving you ample time to get your dog out of the way of another approaching dog. There are always options to make it work.
  4. We like running & exploring! I’ve lived in Queens all of my life and I have never been to Fort Totten or Kissena Park. This week I will see both! We will explore new paths to run. I’m sure we will meet interesting people and we will log LOTS of miles.

Each day you can expect…

a detailed description of our route

mile total & time it took us

review of the park or area of Greenway we visited and its running & dog friendliness


stories of the adventures I’m sure we will have.



Thank you for reading & I hope you will join us!



~ by manicivy on October 15, 2013.

3 Responses to “Join Zeke & I for our “Urban Canicross Series””

  1. I had to google canicross because I didn’t know what it entails XD Typically how much time do you spend on each route?

    • On average we do 3-5 miles about 3x a week. We have done up to 8 miles together. The average time spent running is 30mins to an hour. I let Zeke dictate the pace. In Summer we run slower and take frequent breaks (a minute or two per mile). In the winter, with less worry of him overheating we can do 2 miles at a time before a break is needed. And we always warm up and cool down for about 5 minutes.

  2. Good for you! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. I have the same issues with my high energy dog. Running is the best medicine for the both of us.

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