Day 1 of Urban Canicross Series- Forest Park

Day 1- completed! I woke up about 8am, ate half of a peanut butter Power Bar, drank some lemon water, and noticed that Zeke was still completely passed out. He didn’t even stir as I walked around. Uh oh. 2 hours at the dog park yesterday tired him out a little more than I thought. I decided to shorten today’s run a bit as it was warmer out than I had expected too.

9:30: laced up the sneakers, filled the water bottles & geared Zeke up! It’s about a 1.75mile trip to Forest Park from where we live. We walked the first .25 mile to warm up & then started off at a slow run. This is a picture of the pedestrian bridge we have to take to make it to the park.

pedestrian walkway over the small bridge

pedestrian walkway over the small bridge

After this bridge we go straight down Woodhaven Blvd for a few more blocks and then you have arrived at Forest Park! Here we took a left onto the “park vehicle only” road.

2013-10-15 10.11.01

Those are handball courts on the left. Directly after them is the running track and MANY water fountains. I stopped to give Zeke and I a quick drink. We continued on for about a mile through the beautiful urban forested park path. There were many joggers and walkers out-no one with a dog though which I found surprising! 

Here is a picture of what the Greenway sign looks like, it is directly under the Metropolitan avenue sign, with an arrow pointing straight ahead!

Here is a picture of what the Greenway sign looks like, it is directly under the Metropolitan avenue sign, with an arrow pointing straight ahead!

This is the last bit of park path before you have to take some regular roads to get to Flushing Meadow park.

2013-10-15 10.30.19

The Greenway guide itself gives you 2 routes to take to get to Flushing Park. One is the more direct route but takes you partially down Main Street which is EXTREMELY congested. I did NOT want to go this way. The other takes you on a tour of Forest Hills Gardens, which I have been through before. I was also nervous of this way because it is residential blocks which makes Zeke nervous. So I made my own route which was: left onto Park lane south which turns into Markwood Road after crossing Union Turnpike. Right on Upshaw Road, left onto Burns St. & right onto Ascan Ave. Cross Queens Blvd (also known as the Boulevard of death so be careful crossing here-I’m not kidding!) Right down 72nd Road and you arrive at the Grand Central Parkway service road. WOW!!! Did you follow that? It was a good mile of navigating through the streets. As expected, Zeke got very nervous & bolted a few times around Burns St. which is an all residential area. He was fine by Union Tpke & the Grand Central service road-go figure! ***I can only assume he is nervous around houses where dogs have marked their territory and he feels he is trespassing. Most people don’t walk their dogs near highways or the traffic smells drown out any animal smells***

Once we got to the highway service road it was a straight mile or so shot to the Underbridge Dog Run which is adjacent to Flushing Meadow Park!

Zeke at dog park! We made it!

Zeke at dog park! We made it!

I wish Zeke could talk and tell me what he thought about the wierd way of getting to the dog park instead of just driving there! We went over another pedestrian bridge to Flushing Meadow lake so Zeke could cool down his paws.

2013-10-15 11.39.26

Aside from the brief bout of skittishness the trip went really well! All sections were dog friendly- we ran on the sidewalk through the neighborhoods. There are water fountains and bathrooms at each park if needed. I carried my own fuel belt with extra water which I offered to Zeke one time during the trip.

Total distance: 5 miles (we ran 4.82)

Total time: 1 hour (49’52” of running) leaving our running pace at 10’21″/mile

We then spent about an hour at the dog park as a dog walker/trainer buddy of mine came by and Zeke’s friend, Tyson, was also there. I had a proud moment when the dog trainer pointed out Zeke to a lady and told her to notice how “balanced” Zeke was & he said it was because I properly exercise Zeke. ❤

Doug met us at the dog park and we all drove home. I got some iced coffee and Zeke got a beef rib to gnaw on! Thank you for joining us! Check back tomorrow for our next Canicross or dog park adventure!



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