“Zeke Week” has started!

My vacation officially started Saturday at 5:00PM! What did I do? I ran home! 8 miles! Doug met me a block from our place  w/Zeke (he had taken him on a 2 mile warm up walk) whom I picked up to run 3.4miles more with me! That made my total run 11.4 miles-my longest to date! Total time was 2 hours 10 minutes. It was my highest mileage week ever at 21.74 miles; Zeke did 14 of those with me. He did great on all of our runs last week & I felt great after my 11 miler- I could have even kept going but I’m sticking to the “don’t add more than a mile or so to your long run every week” plan.

And, so, the fun “staycation” week began.

  • Sunday: no run today, took Zeke to the dog park, did some training- now working on teaching him to lift his back legs on command & refining his crawl behavior. We also visited Doug’s dads house where he played with his dogs and chased the cats.
  • Monday (today): slept in this morning & then a 2 hour trip to the HUGE Rockaway beach dog park. Lots of dogs to play with, lots of fetch going on. He is one tired puppy right now.

& the plan for the week:

  • Tuesday: beginning the Urban Canicross Series! The plan is to do the Forest Park to Flushing Meadow park section of the Greenway. Total distance of about 8 miles.
  • Wednesday: one or both of the following…choice 1: Flushing Meadow Park section of the Greenway and/or choice 2: trip to West Hills County Dog park & Armellino’s raw dog food supplier (to stock up) on Long Island.

The rest of the week will be dependent upon what we end up doing on Wednesday. The other Greenway sections will be Kissena Park to Cunningham Park (5 miles),  Cunningham to Alley Pond Park (est. 4-5 miles), & Alley Pond to Fort Totten/Little Bay Park (5-6 miles). It’s a little up in the air- we can combine sections or I may do out and backs depending on where I park and mileage amounts.

My main worry is how Zeke will handle the new neighborhoods. He can be skittish in new places, especially residential neighborhoods w/barking dogs in yards. He is always fine within park limits. Tomorrow we will be going through a section of homes about 3  blocks long that he has always become extremely nervous in. We will just have to see how it goes & the fact we will be out running should help and make him a little calmer.

Here are some pictures from today at the dog park- I’m looking forward to posting about our run tomorrow!


~ by manicivy on October 14, 2013.

4 Responses to ““Zeke Week” has started!”

  1. Sounds like fun!
    I love running, but Pierre’s little legs won’t go more than 2 miles. He’s ahead of me the first mile and behind me for the second. I may buy him some stilts…I could get more miles out of him that way. 😉

  2. Love the black & white shots. He’s a very handsome boy! : )

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