Sneak Peek at the “Urban Canicross Series”

Despite being away for almost a week and relegated to running on a treadmill, I wasn’t really super pumped to run in my usual neighborhood spots when I got back. Not sure exactly why, maybe partly I felt I had to make it up to Zeke for being away. Although Doug did an EXCELLENT job of caring for him-taking him to the dog park 3 of the days for over an hour and a half each time. Or maybe going on another job type trip by myself made me feel extra-specially independent and ready to try something new. Either way, Zeke and I ended up having a fun filled weekend of running trips to new places.

On Sunday we went to Jamaica Bay. Jamaica Bay encompasses a lot of separate shorelines in Queens into one huge wildlife refuge:

2013-10-06 13.05.24


This is the visitor building. There is a long trail within the refuge that is excellent for birding, but dogs are not allowed. No biggie. Lots of rare birds stop here during migration and terrapins breed here, etc. so definitely don’t want inquisitive, barking dogs scaring them off. Luckily, there is a paved pathway running the length of this part of the refuge for walkers and runners. I parked in the smaller parking lot (the large one was closed due to the government shutdown-hmph). Zeke and I ran about 2 miles one way-stopped at a small sandy beach to cool off and did 2 miles back. We even went halfway over a bridge past some fisherman-I was curious how Zeke would do on a bridge; he was fine, only a little leery of the large, scary tackle boxes on wheels. HAHA. 9:47 min. miles-fast for us! There was a nice little picnic area (not in the closed due to government shutdown part) so we sat for a while and took in the refreshing sea air and watched as people hopped the “closed” fence and went walking in the refuge anyway. Spent about 90mins. there and about 30 mins of driving total.

on the path by Jamaica Bay

on the path by Jamaica Bay

parking lot & picnic area in the background

parking lot & picnic area in the background

Today, I really liked that longer drive, so we headed back that way & went over a second bridge to get to the actual beach. We ran along the 1/2 mile of boardwalk that survived Hurricane Sandy. Construction crews were out en masse building the area back up. I was happy to see that. At the end of the board walk we headed down to the sand, where Zeke, of course, got the zoomies as he is now completely over his fear of the water and bounded right in. (Still not deep enough to swim…yet.) I didn’t plan this well because it ended up being high tide. No tightly, compacted wet sand to run on in my sneakers. So, I turned off my Nike+ for a bit, took of my sneakers, and Zeke & I just raced around, back and forth, in circles, in & out of the water, for about 30 minutes of hilarious fun. We got covered in sand and finally both laid down and watched the waves for a while. Oh, and at one point I had to drag Zeke off of a decaying sea gull corpse- if anything ever happened & zeke got away, at least I know he can find food for himself. He was really trying to go to town on that thing. Yuck!

tired after the "sand zoomies!"

tired after the “sand zoomies!”

After our bout of sand/water craziness, we headed back to the boardwalk for some much needed water. Then we ran up and down a little bit. Zeke did some agility walking, weaving through bike racks and jumping some playground bars. Then back home where I gave him what will probably be his final outdoors bath before winter. I’m going to have to work on training him to go to the bathtub this time as he is way too heavy & strong to carry him in.

a partly cloudy but still gorgeous day

a partly cloudy but still gorgeous day

chillin on the sand

chillin on the sand

All in all it was a lovely weekend & I finally got to try out 2 different places for future canicrossing adventures.


~ by manicivy on October 7, 2013.

6 Responses to “Sneak Peek at the “Urban Canicross Series””

  1. Zeke is such a beautiful dog!!

  2. Looks like great places for your and Zeke’s adventures!

  3. love picture #4! Happy zeke 🙂

  4. […] I have reviewed the great running path at Jamaica Bay before, found HERE. […]

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