Raw Food Saturday & How Your Dog Misses You When You’re Away

I’m home from my trip!! Amphibian Management School was a blast. Had a lot of fun, met really awesome people, learned how to (& successfully did!) drill glass tanks! I also got to see a little bit of Michigan, where I had never been before. The Belle Isle Nature Center was beautiful, got to put on some waders and look for mud puppies. We didn’t find any, but it was fun trying!

Which brings me to…the anticipated moment of opening the door and seeing your dog after being away for 5 days! The last two times I’ve been away when I come home Zeke smothered me in kisses and did his leaning thing so hard core I fell over. This time was a little different. I made it home by 8 am, which is still his sleepy time. And it got really warm again the last few days in NYC which makes him a little blah. And, finally, as part of Raw Food Saturday, Doug discovered fresh pig ears don’t really agree with Zeke’s stomach. He threw up twice this week poor guy. Going to steer clear of the pig ears from now on. Always good to try new food items, but if they aren’t working its ok to decide not to use them. I’ve also found Zeke does better with only 1-2 protein sources at one meal. Or 1-2 different types of cuts. Example: chicken leg quarter & beef kidney. Add in a 3rd variable and sometimes his stomach gets upset. But day to day changes are fine. Example: Monday-mackerel & chicken hearts, Tuesday- pork shoulder & turkey necks.

So… my greeting from Zeke this time? The stare. The, I awkwardly & sleepily half fell off the couch to get to the door and sleepily looked up and there you are, is this real?, STARE. haha it was quite funny. He sniffed me & promptly sat down and held out his paw for a shake-without any cues! Then he laid down, rolled over, we kissed each other & he get a belly rub and then we all went to sleep. Yes, I greeted the dog before Doug. Luckily Doug understands and never gets upset (;

I was hoping to run with Zeke to the park tonight, but after seeing him being a bit lethargic, we walked instead, I put on the AC and we are relaxing the rest of the evening. If all seems better tomorrow morning I’d love to do a run at the beach. 


~ by manicivy on October 5, 2013.

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