Having a chest freezer is beautiful

Well, the “Raw-food Friday” post will have to be a “Raw-food Saturday” post (;

We were getting a little low with supplies for Zeke’s dinners so we made a Western Beef trip. We got:

pigs ears

pig feet

chicken necks

turkey gizzards

2 10lb pork shoulders

whiting fillets

lamb ribs

& chicken leg quarters

Divided & put everything in approximated 1.25lb bags consisting of different combinations of all of the above. I wrap the combo meals in that sticky Glad wrap. The chicken leg quarters are all about 1.25lb on their own. I put 3 days worth of food per plastic bag (reusing!). As for one of the 10lb pork shoulders, I cut off about 4lbs into smaller cuts. The big hunk thats left I’ll just keep giving to Zeke for somewhere between 3 & 5 days. We spent about $50 and that should be about 30-35 days of food. The other pork shoulder I just didn’t feel like dealing with so I tossed that whole into the freezer and will deal with it another day. We still have 10lbs of beef/tripe combo logs leftover. And enough kidney/liver for the next 2-3 months. Yes, feeding raw is a little more work than scooping out some kibble-but its fun, an educational experience, and Zeke is in perfect health. I don’t know if I will buy fresh pig ears again tho, they are sooo slimy! I prefer the hard baked? smoked? ones you can get at the pet store. Less gross. About the same price.

Running update: my most ever miles in a month, accomplished: 70! and theres still 2 days left. Zeke did about 40 of those with me. No wonder he was so calm this month! After this week ( I have a work conference-I’m going to amphibian school!) I plan on bumping his & my runs up a bit. I have a week of vacation in October where I just plan on doing different runs in different places with Zeke and blogging all about it. “NYC’s Urban Canicross series”. Can’t wait!


~ by manicivy on September 28, 2013.

5 Responses to “Having a chest freezer is beautiful”

  1. Good for you, taking on raw! Aero’s been on raw food since he was a puppy and he’s super healthy. It’s definitely more work, but you do figure out routines and shortcuts as you go. Sounds like you’ve got a great source, too. Have fun! 🙂

    • thanks! We just recently got the freezer so it should start becoming less expensive too!

      • That definitely helps. I get the strangest looks at the grocery store when there are sales on meat. Last weekend I bought 40 pounds of beef and nothing else. I could tell the checker wanted to ask me about it, but I don’t think she knew where to start. 😉

  2. You are almost to 100 mile months! Zeke will love them. I am excited to read the NYC Canicross series.

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