Maskers Orchard

This past Sunday, Doug, my mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend and his family all drove up to Warwick, NY to Apple pick at Maskers Orchard. It is a family tradition, I have been going there since I was at least ten. This year was the orchard’s 100 year anniversary! There are farm animals to visit, a country store, and a live band playing on weekends. The orchard is a”drive right up to the tree” one which is a big draw. Entry is free, you only pay for the bags of apples you pick.
The best thing about this place? Dog friendly of course! This was Zeke’s third time and he loves it. We put his dog backpack on and loaded him up with apples. He always draws a crowd when we go down by the store, everyone stops to say hi and pet him. One year I went to use the restroom and when I came out, Doug and Zeke were surrounded by a class of kindergarteners all petting and talking to Zeke!
This is the only orchard I know of where dogs are allowed. It is great fun to tie Zeke to a tree, sit down on a picnic blanket, and eat with the beautiful scenery all around you. And pick lots of apples and eat lots of apples!


~ by manicivy on September 26, 2013.

3 Responses to “Maskers Orchard”

  1. So jealous, we are constantly looking for apple orchards or pumpkin patches to take Sam to.

  2. No pictures??

    • Haha, you caught me! We took a few, they are on Doug’s phone I’ll try to upload them tonight. My mom took a bunch but she still uses a film camera! (;

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