Vermont Camping Finally Happened!

It was a little last minute & we almost didn’t go, and then almost didn’t stay because we picked the 2 coldest nights of the summer apparently. Someone in town said it did indeed hit 32degrees, possibly lower on Monday night. When we woke up Wednesday morning there was again a layer of frost on the grass and car although not as thick as on Monday. But, we did it! We have now officially made it as tent campers-we have survived a night, possibly two, of freezing temps!

It wasn’t easy! Doug and I tried sleeping in our own sleeping bags the first night, that’s what we have always done and we’ve been ok. Well, that was a painful, cold night; the second night, we used our sleeping bags as blankets, plus our extra blanket, plus we stole poor Zeke’s blanket (but he sleeps on our blanket anyway) and wore all of our clothes, snuggled all together, & I was totally warm! Doug still complained-but I guess the dog WAS on my side radiating extra heat my way.

But I must say, Vermont is GORGEOUS. We hiked around and drove around and everything we saw was beautiful. The people were very friendly, Winhall Brook Campground was spotlessly clean, the town of Londonderry was very quaint. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Vermont. Doug fell in love with it, Zeke was thrilled to be outdoors so much-we are considering buying some land and/or cabin fixer upper, up there in the coming years. It is the perfect distance from the city. Upstate NY is a little too close, Maine too far of a drive. Vermont seems to be just what we were looking for. But, I digress, this should be about Zeke’s Adventures….

There were many, I will add our hiking stories later on. As far as our campsite we were thrilled with what we got. I randomly chose it after staring at the online map for an hour. It was right next to the river, but had trees to block the wind, close to the bathrooms & hiking trails but not too close that we had people constantly passing. Although there were not many people at the campground, a few couples of retirees in their huge fancy Winnebagos. One 40 something hippie guy wandering around the country in his van-of course Doug made friends with him. We were the only tent campers. I think we were amusing to the older folk who stopped to chat and commented how they used to play frisbee with their “good ‘ol lab named Max back in the day.” And we drew a crowd when we decided to wade across where the 2 rivers meet fully clothed with Zeke carrying his doggie backpack. I almost got swept away and Doug & Zeke went swiftly rock-hopping right past me-leaving me stuck 2 feet deep in the water! When we finally “made it to shore” there was 4 older people smiling and laughing at/with us. It was fun.

Most of the time Zeke was tied out w/60feet of leash! He loved the roaming room and was very well behaved. He CONSTANTLY wanted to play fetch. We’ve never been to a campsite on grass before-he really liked rolling around and we loved the cushioned sleeping it gave us! And, thankfully, I don’t even think I can say he has a fear of water anymore-he went into the river any chance he got! He was even sticking his nose under water to find interesting things! Then we would all lay out in the grass and soak up the sun before it was fire time. It was such a great time! Here are some pics from around the campsite…


~ by manicivy on September 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “Vermont Camping Finally Happened!”

  1. The West River Trail is beautiful, isn’t it? Glad you made it to VT! Come back soon.

    • It is so gorgeous! We are in love with Vermont! Our trip originally was up in the air which is why I didn’t contact you, but maybe next time you would be up to meeting? We saw a long distance runner with a dog on the trail! I though for a second it was you but the dogs name was Stella (;

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