Sunday Funday!

Here are some pics from todays outing to Forest Park! We took Zeke’s grandma (my Mom) to the dog park with us! She has sooo much fun watching the silly pups playing. We took a little walk around the pond too where the 3 resident cormorants were hanging out & Zeke went in the water even further this time-up to his back! He got a case of the zoomies & was running around getting me and grandma splashed with yucky pond water-but it was fun!

Lots of regulars were at the park today! Dexter, Izzy, Juno, & a small black mix puppy with I heart NY collar-all played VERY nicely. Until a young boxer female arrived-based on Zeke’s very vocal reaction and not wanting her in his space I believe she was in heat. (which means they should not have bought her to the park!) He has only acted this way once before with a female pit in heat. He is like the hormone police- unneutered males that hump & females in heat-he always gets very barky and snappy with them and wants them to stay away. Has anyone else experienced this? The other dogs at the park were all under 1 year and most were neutered at or before 5 months. Zeke was not neutered until 11 months-can this be why he reacts differently? Something to read up on…


I am thinking about structuring my blog a little more. I would like to have at least 3 days of the week with a common topic. I’m planning on partaking in “Wordless Wednesdays”. I would also like to start “Raw Food Fridays” with either pictures of or a list of Zeke’s diet for the week for those of you out there interested in trying a raw diet. I would also like to continue with the title “Sunday Funday” with our run or dog park trip stories every Sunday. Hope you like it!

And, finally, a video I forgot to upload from last week! Another of Zeke’s signature moves: the “duck & run!” with friend, Dobby.




~ by manicivy on September 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sunday Funday!”

  1. I think structuring is a good idea, I find it takes the pressure off of me to think of something to write about, which is why I started my ‘year in pictures’ posts. Each weekend I post one picture from the week with a few lines of text. If I want to blog at other times during the week that can be about anything, but I find this way I keep posting regularly and it is great to look back on.

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