Another Walk Lesson

  Walking your dog until they poop, but that’s it. I’ve commented on it before but feel it needs its very own post. I witnessed it again yesterday and it makes me a little sad. Living in the city, many of us do not have fenced yards, or yards at all, that we can let our dogs out in to do their business. So, they must be walked to do their peeing and pooping.
  While walking Zeke along the cemetery, I noticed another largish dog coming up. I was deciding if I could make it to our crossing light in time or if I should put him in a sit stay and hope he behaved while we passed each other. Then the dog squatted to poop. The lady owner got out a baggie, scooped it up and set off at a brisk pace the way she came. Passing crisis averted but her dog was putting the stops on and she started to drag him a little.
  I understand sometimes you are in a hurry and need to be somewhere, but it happens all too often. An owner walks a dog, they poop, and they abruptly turn back towards home. Well, dogs aren’t stupid! A friend of mine once commented that her walks were getting longer and longer because her dog wouldn’t go. She semi jokingly commented that she thought her dog was holding it so she would get a longer walk! Totally possible! Doug is guilty of this too. A couple times a month he will ask me to take Zeke out a second time at night because he hasn’t gone yet. “I walked him for half an hour and he just won’t go, he always goes so fast for you.” After five minutes with me walking the same road, Zeke goes.
  Why does Zeke go for me? Because he knows he poops, and we just keep on walking. I don’t just walk him until he poops. Do that enough times and your dog learns doing his business is your cue to turn back towards home. If you allow your dog to poop, praise and continue walking, he learns to be relaxed and not focus on this basic bodily necessity. It’s so simple! Next time you walk your dog, surprise them and make your walk just a little longer! It will help you in the long run.


~ by manicivy on September 13, 2013.

9 Responses to “Another Walk Lesson”

  1. This is a great topic! Reggie does not do his business on a walk- he is trained not to. Sounds silly, but I have a small backyard and I take him out before we go, and when we get back. I have never seen him poop (or pee) on a walk- ever. I don’t even bring bags. I probably should just in case…but he’s almost seven and it’s never happened! He knows the walk is for the walk and the bathroom is his backyard.

  2. Perfect. Great reminder.

  3. Hmmm… I don’t usually turn around and go straight home but Donna still takes a long time to get going so it almost seems like I am taking her straight home after she poops at times….

  4. Ah, the pooping conversations of dog owners.

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