Shine On Award


Thank you for nominating my blog for the Shine On Award! ADRIADC is a fellow runner and I enjoy checking out her blog to help keep me motivated in running. Part of this award is to share 7 random facts about yourself which I have listed below. I will work on the nominations part this week.

1. If I wasn’t a zookeeper I would love to redecorate and/or flip houses

2. I strongly dislike having to handle our education roaches at work.

3. I love blueberry juice but hate eating an actual blueberry

4. I’ve watched all versions of Pride & Prejudice about 30 times

5. I like the smell of skunk

6. My secret life goal is to be an ultra-runner

7. It may sound cliche but I live by the saying “face your fear and it will disappear”


~ by manicivy on September 10, 2013.

3 Responses to “Shine On Award”

  1. I love your random facts. I love Pride & Prejudice also. Run on, you can be an Ultra runner.

  2. Congratulations!! If they only had a dog version of this award Zeke would take the prize!!

  3. I like #6, of course!

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