Dog Park Days

Cooler weather-finally!!! This means more time at the dog park! & longer runs! Which means both Zeke and I are very fit and very happy. I did my longest run ever on Saturday- 8 miles & my last mile was my fastest!!! And the next morning I felt fine-not all stiff and tired like usual. So Zeke and I took a quick 2 mile run to the dog park in the evening. Met some interesting people & had some interesting conversations (which will be a post later in the week!) Zeke played for over an hour so we dropped him off at home & Doug & I hit the track. I wanted to do a mile and see if I’ve gotten any faster… 8:43! Which after a day of a long run is really great for me-I’ve only ever hit that once or twice before so I’m really excited!

Today we did a Rockaway dog park & beach day! Only one dog at the dog park but Zeke and Dobby really hit it off and played constantly for an hour! Dobby is the adorable brindle bulldog/mastiff/pit mix. He had a chatty owner with some great stories-the main reason I love the dog park so much-having a social dog really helps you meet people (; Then we bounced on over to the beach! Dogs aren’t technically allowed on the sand until October 1st but the day was SO gorgeous! We decided to break the rules & saw several other people out their with their dogs too!

I am so glad to report that Zeke is getting over his fear of the waves! He went in up to his belly! Hardly any persuasion needed. All summer long whenever he has wanted to go in water I’ve let him (on his own terms) not forcing, not even coercing with food as I had tried that in the past and it didn’t make a difference. I think being hot and tired from running around helped too. Our last trip to the beach he barely got the tops of his paws wet-it was amazing to see him jumping in the smaller waves! And the water was so warm too-love the ocean in september &october. We also discovered wherever we start digging in the sand with our hands-Zeke will start digging with his paws-even if there’s nothing there! Zeke, Doug, and I had such a great time! BTW, he wore his ruffwear roamer leash which was perfect for bounding around in the water.


~ by manicivy on September 9, 2013.

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