A Euphoric Run

I met my Dad for dinner the other night. He was a regular runner until he started having ankle problems, but he has continued to be an often, speedy, & long-distance walker. At dinner we talked about how the more I continue to run over time the euphoric-type runs will replace the crappy runs. I’ve had one of each and one in between this week!

I’ve been steady with my training this past week. I did my 7.5 mi long run and a 2 mile interval session-Zeke did not join me on those runs. Due to the return of heat, and humidity even more so, we did some long walks and dog park trips. But tonight he joined me on a most definitely euphoric run.

Apparently our best time to run together is just beginning sundown to a mile or two after sunset. Every time they’ve been magical. Zeke lopes along next to me, glancing over, &, I swear, smiling; at certain points he will pull ahead for a half mile or so and run pulling me behind, true caniX style. He only lunged to greet 2 dogs out of about 25 we passed today. (And those were playful puppies, so I understand.) We stopped for a few sips of water at the water fountains. We chased a very fast male runner in compression socks (we didn’t catch him.) But I could just tell Zeke was enjoying every minute of it. Easiest & quickest 5 miles we have ever done.


Now, Zeke cools off in front of the fan while I take a relaxing shower.


~ by manicivy on September 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Euphoric Run”

  1. I love that Zeke’s back legs are up in the air, and supported. It’s a dog’s life!

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