Does Your Dog Wait for You to Eat?

Lately I have noticed this more and more. For example:

Zeke and I go out for a run. We come home, I take his ground duck out of the fridge & place it on the counter to thaw out a little more, & then I blog on the computer while I stop sweating! He lays in front of the fan and drinks some water. 20 minutes later, I do the whole pre-dinner routine of putting Zeke in his “spot” where he lays down and waits while I put his food down. He must look at me and hold it and then I tell him “take it!” Then I shower. I come out of the shower and, while sometimes the food is moved, many times it is still there! Or I’ll put down his food and go to cook my own food, and then he follows me into the kitchen, laying down and watching me instead of eating.

Sometimes I get worried he doesn’t feel good. But then I sit down to eat and Voila! He begins eating also. I am going to assume this has something to do with pack instincts and allowing the alphas to eat first. Its amusing he does it instinctually, especially since some behaviorists believe you should eat before your dog. For some reason I’d rather have my hands in raw meat before I get comfortable for the night eating my own dinner and relaxing, then getting up after I eat to prepare his food. But, by the time I get home from work, run or walk with him, & make my own dinner, I usually have about 30mins. before I fall asleep! Does anyone else’s dog do this? If I remember correctly, he won’t wait if it’s an organ meal-liver IS his favorite (;


~ by manicivy on August 26, 2013.

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