18 miles this week!

Just got back from a fantabulous run w/Zeke. Today is my Friday-the end of my work week; I debated about where to run and IF to run at all. Doug was out with friends at a wrestling thing & I had nothing else to do, so, we ran!

I knew the minute I got home that Zeke was in one of his nervous moods-as soon as I opened the door to the kitchen he ran through and cowered in the corner. I was having none of it! I ignored him, put on my running clothes, and laid out our canicross gear on the bed (his signal that we are leaving soon.) Usually he spins and runs and stands parallel to the bed which is where I put on his harness. Not today, his tail tucked and he slunk away behind me. I got my keys and phone and water ready to go and said, “Zeke, to your spot! Want to go running?!” And it worked! He aligned himself, harness was put on and out the door we went!

By the end of the block his tail was tucked and he was skirting forward with whale eyes. =P I continued to ignore and we crossed the big boulevard to the cemetery and soon after started running. I could tell he was running scared, but after about 1/2 mile he calmed down and we really settled in. Settled in so much, that I felt confident to take him to the very people/dog/bike/children crowded Juniper park. Great decision! After the 2 miles of running to get there he was so manageable and responded really well to my running directions.

It was absolute bliss, 2 laps around the park and back home and we ended up doing 5 miles in 56 mins. Blazingly fast for us considering stopping to greet dogs, traffic lights, etc. We started the run at 730-still pretty sunny and didn’t get home until full dark. I had forgotten how wonderful a late evening run is-we havent done one all summer! I’m not sure why. I also don’t know why I never thought to run the particular combo of routes I did today. Everything just clicked. And after feeling less than stellar about my running for most of the summer, this week has really improved my mental state.

Another thing …I think Zeke enjoyed the run. The run itself, not the fact that we were were running, say, to somewhere like the dog park or the Russo house. It wasn’t a quick morning run where all he wants to do is sniff and go back to the house and sleep. He really ENJOYED it! Tongue lolled out to the side, eyes partially squinty, sneaking side glances at me and that ideal gentle pressure on the canicross line the ENTIRE time. That’s when I know he’s really having fun.

Here is the view from our cemetery part of the run, the sky was gorgeous, had to get a pic of that.


~ by manicivy on August 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “18 miles this week!”

  1. awesome sky view 🙂

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