Zeke eats a cornish hen

2 videos of Zeke eating a 1.7lb cornish hen. Total eating time about 10 mins. You can see how chewing on “whole prey” really cleans his teeth-the front little ones as well as the back. He is also getting a workout as he crouches, carries, and switches the meat from side to side in his jaw. Not to mention doing something enriching for a whole 10 mins-most dogs finish kibble in 2 or 3. Usually this diet item would take even longer but Zeke was especially hungry after our run in the morning. Finally, always make your dog do some work for his meal! Great time to practice some behaviors. (side note….see how all of his bones are in a pile? yea, I didn’t do that! hehe) Enjoy!




~ by manicivy on August 14, 2013.

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