Little Bay Dog Park

Today Doug, Zeke, and I ventured to a dog park we had never visited before. Here is the review:

Little Bay Dog Park is a newer dog park in Queens. It is located in Whitestone, just next to where the Cross Island Pkwy & Clearview Expwy cross each other at, you got it!, Little Bay Park. Little Bay Park itself is probably a medium sized park for Queens. It has beautiful views of the Throg’s Neck Bridge. There is a soccer field and very nice walking/running/cycling path that is included as part of the city’s Greenbelt-a sort of linking up of the different parks in Brooklyn-Queens.

On to the dog park…It definitely looks new, having freshly graveled flooring, painted fence, and really nice landscaping all around the dog park. In fact, there were both parks dept people cutting the grass and some locals who seemed to be doing flower plantings on their own, while we were there. The dog park is an unusual shape-sort of like a really wide horseshoe with the small-dog section in the middle. It is gradually tiered & has a sandy/gravel as the substrate. This is great for drainage, I don’t think a torrential downpour would make this place the slightest bit puddle-y. There are dog water fountains in the large & small dog parts. There are tons of clean benches for the people to sit on. There are also 2 separate entrances, one at each end of the horseshoe which I think would be nice when it is crowded. We we were there about noon today and only one other dog was there. It was an overcast day so we did not expect many other dogs. After Zeke played for a while we took a walk around the park itself. There are no bathrooms that we found, but there are porta potties if you are desperate. Parking was great! There is a huge parking lot under the bridge right next to the dog park. It was slightly confusing to find it as there is only a one way road that looks like a park vehicle only road, but it isn’t. There are signs in the lot that say park only open Saturday and Sunday, but I expect these are old signs before the dog park was put in. There was still a lot of construction going on, so I think they are still working on sprucing up the park. This park is about 20mins away for us, so we won’t be regular users, but for the occasional visit to someplace different, I really enjoyed it there!


~ by manicivy on August 12, 2013.

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