Closer look at Zeke’s results…

I just reread the DNA report of the Wisdom Panel 2.0 (highly recommend this brand!), so interesting! Here are the three main breeds detected:

German Shepherd Dog.


german_shepherd_h02 compared to zeke…looking towards the gate for new friends


the test says one grandparent was full shepherd and the other grandparent on that side was a mix with the 2 greatest breed likelihoods for that mix being the white swiss shepherd or basenji! haha.

download basenji Zeke DOES love to sit like this Basenji *wink* IMG_0006


The other set of grandparents….one full siberian husky:

Siberian-Husky-Dog IMG_2395


and the other being a malamute mix:

Alaskanmalamute0b  happy athletic puppy!


So there it is! I definitely agree with the results. I just find it odd that Zeke’s hair is so short compared to these 3 usually longer haired breeds. And, Zeke’s chest/rib cage dips very low more like a hound type dog’s would. Maybe there is some Basenji after all! I now think Zeke has more of a malamute face, although his actual head shape seems more shepherd. Well personality-wise he fits the bill of these 3 breeds. He has the bark, intelligence, and herding instinct of a shepherd. The howl, playfulness, bi-colored eyes, sickle-shaped tail and speed when running of the husky. He has the size, strength, and extra large sized nose of a malamute! His ears appear wider-set than a husky or shepherd, more indicative of a malamute. I could compare them all day! What do you think?

Thank you to for suggesting this DNA test, I’m so happy we did it!




~ by manicivy on August 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Closer look at Zeke’s results…”

  1. That is so neat!

  2. I have a female dog like zeke

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