Turtles as Therapy

We can now tie out Zeke in the backyard again! At least, in the morning-no more skittish behavior! Over the past few weeks I’ve been giving him lots of treats, brushing him, playing ball, encouraging him into the kiddie pool, etc. to make being outside positive again. He was out for about an hour this morning w/minimal anxiety. Today he got a lamb brothcicle and he got “furminated,” which he enjoyed to the point where he was unleashed, lying on the ground, taking a nap, super relaxed!

By far, the biggest help, seems to be having the turtles out with him! He must have some kind of herding instinct, because when they are out indoors on the floor he gets upset when they are on opposite sides of the room. He will run back and forth pawing at them. When they are together, he usually lays down and just watches them. I can only assume that having them outside in the pool gives him a job to do-that he must keep watch over them and that, in turn, helps decrease his anxiety!

Thanks Murtagh & Bowser!

2013-08-04 11.22.57


~ by manicivy on August 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Turtles as Therapy”

  1. Zeke is so funny about the turtles! 😛

  2. How super cute is a dog herding turtles!

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