Best Cars for Dogs

I stumbled across this article claiming to show the top 6 dog-friendly cars. Not sure if I agree with them but it was interesting to read. I still maintain my Honda Fit is a great car for riding around with a large dog. And on our trip up to Maine, I used mostly cruise control and got 40mpg on the trip! Not to mention its fold down OR up rear seats. (;  Do you have a great dog-friendly car suggestion?



~ by manicivy on July 30, 2013.

4 Responses to “Best Cars for Dogs”

  1. Right now our dedicated “doggie car” is a Toyota Rav 4 with no seats in the back, but it won’t last forever, so I am always thinking about what car we will get next that will accommodate the dogs! I agree with you..not sure I would choose any of these either!

  2. That is such a strange article, they are all SUV/wagon style cars! I think my Impala was great for a 65 pound dog, we did just spend 38 hours in it with no complaints from Sam.

    • I think a 38 hour trip WOULD be the best test (; My mom has an Impala, Zeke loves going for car rides in it, they are so spacious.

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