Rockaway Dog Park Pictures

We finally made it back to Rockaway dog park, the largest dog park in NYC. I bought my fancy camera and, surprise, the batteries died as soon as I went to use the zoom. It worked fine at home before I left! So here are some pictures & videos from my phone. We stayed for almost 2 hours and had sooo much fun. Zeke played with other dogs, relaxed in the grass, chased his ball, & we even had a game of “Zeke in the middle” while Doug and I tossed the frisbee around. Zeke isn’t always into playing frisbee, but today he was chasing after & catching them-I was so proud of him.

Zeke trying to shake his stalker




~ by manicivy on July 29, 2013.

5 Responses to “Rockaway Dog Park Pictures”

  1. Love the new banner picture!

  2. Wow that husky really likes zeke 😀

  3. Zeke is SO gorgeous! Love that he is having a blast at the dog park! Great pics too! Did you get him as a puppy? He is so similar to our girl Kali and we got her as an adult so I would love to see what I like to think she would’ve looked like as a pup!

    • thank you so much! I think he is pretty handsome too! We got him at 7 months. He was already 45lbs, so unfortunately I have no idea what he looked like as a puppy although I would love to know. The family I semi-rescued Zeke from said they picked him because he was the smallest in the litter of puppies from a breeder (on the side of the road) in Texas. That is all I know about his first puppy days. I’m sure he and Kali were absolutely adorable puppies! I’ve spent hours on the internet looking for pictures of other dogs that look like them (;

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