Week recap & blog awards!

I have received the following awards from fellow blogger, https://weliveinaflat.wordpress.com/  Please check out their blog, they have wonderful training tips, dog stories, and beautiful pictures!

ImageImageThank you so much for these awards!

I apologize for not posting all week, it was National Zookeeper Appreciation week and there were parties to be had, celebrating to be done, and never a break in the workload of course! I did manage 2 quick runs to the dog park with Zeke during the week. This morning we took a nice long walk around Forest Park-no running for me since I went for my longest run ever yesterday-8 miles! My muscles are a bit tight today!

I watched the documentary, “My Dog” which has interviews with celebrities about their dogs and why they love them. It is just about an hour long (and free if you have Amazon Prime!). I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t too gushy/cutsie, but had some real heart-warming stories. I highly recommend it for dog lovers!

I got an e-mail stating that Wisdom panel, the DNA test company, received Zeke’s sample & is currently processing it! Very excited.


I’ll leave you with some paw prints in the sand


~ by manicivy on July 28, 2013.

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