A Break in the Heat!

YAY!!!  it was ONLY 79 degrees when I woke up this morning! I really was planning on sleeping in and just doing some speed walking with Zeke later in the day. I ended up working a spontaneous 12 hour day yesterday. The last 3 days I was working outside, when it was hitting 95+ or inside our zoo’s tropic building where it is also over 90 degrees with zero air flow. It was a very long, very sweaty week. I’ve been too exhausted to run.

But it was only 79! And Zeke was EXCITED! So I harnessed him up, we ran 2.5 miles nice and slow, Zeke took a dip in the pond, and we finished up with a relaxing 60mins at the dog park. This heat wave has really limited Zeke’s time outside so I was so happy to spend about 2 hours in good ol’ Forest Park with him (even if he did lay down most of the time at the park). Tomorrow we are planning another dog park trip and hike possibly out on the island. If we do go there we will be hitting up http://www.armellinosk9.com/ A raw dog food supplier. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather!

Zeke & friends…


~ by manicivy on July 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Break in the Heat!”

  1. Zeke is such a handsome boy, he looks a lot like my girl Kali! Our heat wave just broke here this week too and the girls are loving more outside time! Although, they really liked the treat games we were playing inside when it was too hot out!!!

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