A Car Ride & Peace on the Walk!

Another fun idea for a hot day: an air conditioned car ride to Petco!!! Good socialization for your dog, assuming he is somewhat friendly and relaxed in stores. Zeke loved getting attention from the Petco workers who gave him treats. He likes walking up and down the aisles sniffing the different treats and dog food bags-although you have to watch out for doggie theft. Zeke nearly swiped a bully stick while I was checking out some rib bones! I ended up getting him some Natural Balance chew treats. It was a little pricey but some of the proceeds go to soldier dogs. Zeke loves driving around in the car-but obivously only go to places you can take him inside with you-don’t leave your pup in the car!

Walking update: Zeke has been super calm these past two weeks. We are sticking to walking up, down, or around the cemetery at night. I use his EZ walker harness with 16 foot retractable leash. I use mostly verbal commands & the length of the leash allows him the freedom to respond to me rather than constantly feeling held back or slowed down by a short leash. He is, oddly (or maybe not oddly) MORE responsive and calm with the retractable leash. We walk briskly, run into only the occasional dog, and he seems calmer knowing what to expect. This really works for me and with the heat I am happy his paws are mostly on grass on this route rather than sidewalk or asphalt walking the neighborhood. It is really nice not to dread our evening walks. If we only walk around the cemetery at night for the next year I won’t mind at all!


~ by manicivy on July 18, 2013.

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